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3 Unique Ways to Dominate Your Next Interview

Job interviews are nerve-racking, heart-breaking and absolutely terrifying to most people. Employers make you dress up (if you choose to, which you should) and drive down to their corporate headquarters just to possibly have a shot at a job that 10 others also applied for. Crazy right? Well luckily, there are ways to have an edge during your interview!


Be Unique


What do I mean? Well, if you put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager or HR recruiter, they are used to seeing and experiencing the same kinds of job interviews. Your job as the interviewee is to leave a positive impression on them that carries all the way through to the next round. How? Here are a few ways:

  • Wear blue. It is one of the best colors to wear to an interview because it conveys confidence!
  • Work in a cool story. In one of your answers, try weaving an applicable story into the answer, it adds a personal touch.
  • Admit your faults. It might sound crazy, but people, especially employers like to hear others admit their mistakes and most importantly, how they learned from them!


Do Your Research


I’m always impressed when I hear a job applicant who knows what my company is, what the job would entail and how their skills would fit seamlessly into my team. I would always give the job to someone who clearly did their research versus someone who looks good on paper. No contest.

Be impressive and make an impact by knowing your stuff:

  • What is the company mission statement? How do your personal values align with it?
  • Even better, what is the mission statement for the department you are applying for? (this one can be harder to find, extra kudos if you can do it!)
  • What is the history of the company? Any major events about them in the news you should address?
  • What is specifically in your job description? What skills do you have that work well with your potential job?
  • What issues has the company faced, how can you solve them?


Tell Them What They Want to Hear


Recruiters and hiring managers are used to hearing the same boring job interview jargon. “I really feel like I would be a great fit for you, I have an excellent skill set that matches up well!” 

Honestly, people don’t care about any of that. What recruiters REALLY want to know, is how can your skill set benefit their specific needs. You won’t necessarily know what these needs are, but it’s your job to try to get as close as you can! For example, if you’re interviewing for a sales job, and you know the company has struggled with attracting new clients, you have the opportunity to address how your communication skills can draw in qualified clients to the business! Just what they want to hear!

Be different, but be smart. Be sure to come equipped with a stunning resume from The Resume Vault! Each template is custom-made by recruiters, and built to be impressive. In an interview, it’s important to stand out!


Let me know in the comments what tactics or tips help you in job interviews! I want to hear from you! Good luck out there!



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