How to Make a Resume

How to Make a Resume: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever tried to create a perfect resume, but just got stuck? So many people think they know how to make a resume, and how to make it stand out. The truth is, creating a great resume is tough. Luckily, there are ways to make the process easier. It’s all about using the right resources.


So, where do you begin? Well how about 3 reasons why you should invest in a good resume:


1. You Have 6 Seconds to Impress

You read that right. On average, most recruiters and hiring managers only look at a resume for 6 seconds before they make some sort of decision. That’s a narrow window, and you need to make sure you are set to impress. 


2. You Are One of Many

Odds are, many other people applied for the same job you did, and maybe they have better experience than you. None of that matters unless it looks good on paper. Even someone with a PHD in Astrophysics can be rejected if they don’t know how to make a resume.


3. The Interview is Only Half the Battle

Getting through the door is tough when you don’t have the right key. Be sure to give yourself the best chance, and equip yourself with a resume that will do most of the heavy lifting. Once you’re in, you need to kill your interview, be sure to check out 3 Unique Ways to Dominate Your Next Interview.



Creating Your Resume


Now it’s time to start building! Whether you’re applying for a job at a Fortune 500 company or with a cutting edge marketing startup, everyone is powerless unless they can stand out on paper. Let’s start at the very beginning:


Formatting and Looks

This is what we do best at The Resume Vault. If you start by using a template, you’re already halfway there. Consider choosing a pixel-perfect template to get you started. People are surprised to hear that the most important factor in a great resume is formatting.  Proper formatting includes:

  • Sentence structure and white space
  • Typography
  • Visual elements
  • Headings & sub-headings
  • Page length

How to make a resume
Creative Resume Template Vol. 5


Professional Summary

This is the first thing that employers read, located at the top of the resume. It’s important to remember the 3 B’s of a good summary: 

  1. Brief
  2. Bold
  3. Badass

Keeping a summary to about 25 words maximum is a good length. This article goes into more detail about the length of a summary. Also ensuring you use bold and impactful language helps recruiters remember you! And finally, the summary is meant to make you look good, so don’t be afraid to make yourself look like an epic badass, because you are!



The most important part of how to make a resume is where to detail your accomplishments as a professional. This section shows potential employers why they need you for their organization. 

Most people don’t know this, but when recruiters get a resume, sometimes they cross-reference the job description with your experience, and look for nearly exact phrase matches! It’s always a good idea to include certain aspects of the job description into your relevant experience, so you have a chance!

List formats are the easiest to read and understand when writing your career accomplishments. Here is a good example:


how to make a resume

 Modern Resume Template Vol. 1



When it comes to crafting a good resume, just remember the important things:

  1. You have 6 seconds to make a good first impression with your resume
  2. Pick a format that is clean and easy to read
  3. Keep your professional summary brief, bold and badass
  4. Include keywords directly from the job description in your experience


Good luck out there, I’m always here for you! Let me know in the comments some of your tips and tricks for resumes!



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